Insightful and relevant international travel and tourism research and visitor market analysis

China Travel to the U.S 1st Annual Report 2010

An in-depth profile and comparison of Chinese visitors, including a review of leisure and business visitors traveling to the U.S.
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Destination-Specific International Visitor Arrivals

Visitor arrivals analysis and not just numbers. We clarify travel shifts, identify trends, and highlight your destination's strengths and positioning. From arrivals, demographics, product demand, and forecasting - our goal is to be your international marketing research arm.
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Travel Trade Barometer

The Travel Trade Barometer - quarterly reports on U.S. bookings from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and Japan (the top 5 visitor markets to the United States). Nothing is timelier in reporting current bookings to your destination and projecting short-term bookings. The in-country trade survey delivers market trends available no where else.
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U.S. Travel Abroad

We work with the largest U.S. outbound traveler data-set available to provide in-depth U.S. international traveler analysis specific to your country. We provide in-depth annual analysis, monthly and quarterly updates, and forecast arrivals reports.
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